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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 10, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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two men tell espn that robert bobby dodd molested them back in the 1980 when they were playing on dodd's aau basketball team. police in memphis, tennessee opened an investigation. no comment from dodd who is battling colon cancer. in oslo, norway today three women took center stage accepting the nobel peace prize. the women are being honored for their individual fights against injustice, dictatorship and sexual violence in libya and yemen. congress is still focused the payroll tax cut. democrats and republicans have competing plans. president barack obama is pressing lawmakers to cut a deal, but even with that he acknowledged to cbs news there's no quick fix for the economy. >> did you over promise? did you underestimate how difficult this was going snob. >> didn't overpromise and i didn't underestimate how tough this was going to be.
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i always believed that this was a long term project. this wasn't a short term project. and, you know, for individual americans who are struggling right now, they have every reason to be impatient. reversing structural problems in our economy that had been building up for two decades. that's going to take time. it's going to take more than a year. going take more than two years. going to take more than one term. probably takes more than one president. >> now more on that investigation of memphis. sexual abuse allegations are surfacing against the head of the amateur athletic union. two men tell espn that robert bobby dodd molested them back in the 1980s when they were playing on dodd's aau basketball team. cnn george howell is in memphis. he joins us now live. so, george, what more, if anything, is being said about these allegations?
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>> reporter: fredericka, we just got off the phone with police. they say there's an active investigation into bobby dodd. the amateur athletic union is one of the largest sports organization in the country. two men spoke out claiming they were sexually abused back in the 1980s by dodd. one of them spoke anonymously. frank west spoke out. said he was sexually abused six times while a teenager. listen to what he told "outside the lines." >> i was dead asleep and i don't remember anything but waking up and he has -- he's trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts. i jumped up straight out of bed and he's not there but he's laying on the floor next to me down by the bed and of course i was freaked out. >> how did he get in the room? >> he had a key. he always somehow had a key to
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whatever room i was in. >> we are just starting to see bits and pieces of this story online. the full story is expected to air sunday on espn. again, since this story broke, the aau has confirmed that they contacted police, which have, again, started an investigation and the aau has also started its own investigation also name agnew interim president and new word today that we should get a video statement from the new interim president. again we're awaiting to see if that happens today but we're told that stout will say something about this situation that's unfolding here in memphis. fredricka. >> any reaction coming from dodd and location of him? >> reporter: you know we took some time to check here in memphis several different addresses. we also checked in orlando where he apparently has a house provided by the aau. but at this point it's still unclear. police say it's unclear his
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whereabouts. >> george howell, thanks so much in memphis. shock and outrage now from palestinians following remarks from republican presidential candidate newt gingrich in an interview with the jewish channel, u.s. cable network. he said quote palestinians are an invented people. >> well, i believe that the jewish people have the right have a state and i believe that the commitments that were made at the time -- remember there was no palestine as a state. part of the ottoman empire. i think that we've had an invented palestinian people. who in fact are arabs and historically part of the arab community. >> gingrich's campaign is responding to the outcry with the following statement saying this. gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. the statement adds however, i'm
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quoting again, to one what is being proposed and negotiated, you have to understand decades of complex history. the top palestinian peace negotiator condemns gingrich's comments. >> it's a very, very wrong statement. it's a racist statement. and we condemn it with the strongest possible term. and such statements is really inciting for bloodshed of muslims, christians and jews in that region and we don't need such statements. >> let's bring in senior cnn political analyst. on this day of yet another debate it's scheduled for this evening, ron, you got newt gingrich making these comments. did he just lose significant republican support? he has been enjoying being a leader, according to some polls. >> reporter: float the substance of the comments of the republican party has moved to a
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very hard line in support of israel particularly of benjamin netanyahu. i don't think it's the substance. it's the style. with newt gingrich this is part of what you get. whether the criticism and said at left when he talked hillary clinton the enemy of normal americans or right when he termed paul ryan's medicare plan right-wing social engineering and i think part of the issue that republicans will be dealing with is although gingrich is a very smart person and thought about a lot of issues he tends to express him else flamboyantly and in a volatile way. it will go the question asked is this something they are comfortable with as a nominee. >> so, not only are those remarks, i guess, getting quite the reaction but perhaps even his explanation or his campaign's explanation is also inciting some reaction his campaign saying that gingrich does back a negotiated peace
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agreement between israel and the palestinians, and the camp says no apology will be made for this remark. >> yeah. well, you know, if gingrich was to apologize for every remark he made in his career he would be dividing his time evenly between marks and apologies. on the other side here this position is in tune what's the position of successive u.s. governments, you know on negotiating a two state solution. now whether we actually, you know, whether it's not just waiting for progress is another question. on substance, you know, the overall tenor of his remarks placing the blame on palestinians and leaving open the door for a two state resolution but with gingrich it's the way he does something that raises as many sparks as what he does. >> how do you suppose this may redirect conversations this evening at the scheduled debate
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in iowa? >> think it will point the issue very directly toward his temperame temperament. the biggest question he faces in a republican primary, it's about his capacity for executive leadership and whether he has the kind of the skills and again the temperament and stability to be the leader of the free world. you have to remember that he was out as house speaker after only four years. it wasn't democrats who evicted him, it was republicans. he was tremendously effective guerilla leader. but once he was put in charge of something, it was actually great deal of turmoil in the house and you have many house members who served in that period, republicans who are among the sharpest critics of the idea of gingrich being either nominee or the president. >> ron brownstein thank you for your insight. let's talk more about that scheduled debate this evening in des moines, iowa.
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our rachel strikefield is there with a preview of what's expected. we know that some of the questions are being redesigned and recrafted as we speak as a result of what newt gingrich has said. what now about the format of this debate this evening? >> reporter: sure. fredricka when those six gop candidates take the stage tonight all eyes will be on newt gingrich and i think we'll all be waiting to see how long the other candidates take before they start going after him. gingrich is coming in to this debate on a high. he's got solid support in several of the early voting states and he's credited that success to his performance in previous debates. so, of course, we'll all be looking at mitt romney. his front runner status has been threatened by gingrich. romney has not been attacking gingrich lately. it will be interesting to see if that happens tonight. those two men see them as the front runners. they will be standing in the center of the stage right next to each other. texas congressman ron paul.
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paul has not been shy about going after gingrich. he's called him a flipfloper and say he's not a true conservative. we'll see if he operates those lebron james tonight. fredricka? >> thanks so much, rachel. he disappeared in iran. now he may be in afghanistan or pakistan. stay with us for the latest on the search for a missing former fbi agent. [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher,
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checking international headlines now. argentina's president christina fernandez begins her second term. she was sworn in today. fernandez is not only argentina's first female president she's also the first
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female latin american president ever to win re-election. panama's foreign minute city said the former dick dayor noriega will kprab dicted from france tomorrow. they are working to guarantee his safety in a prison. they want noriega to face charges there. a syrian group says a prominent doctor is dead as violence flares again today. security forces reportedly killed at least 60 people across the country. amateur video showed gunfire friday as mourners tried to bury the dead. the u.n. says over 4,000 people have died during the eight month government crackdown. a former fbi agent missing for years pleading for his life on a recently released videotape. the heartwrenching case for his family and a story with more questions than answers. cnn's jill daugherty reports. >> reporter: in the video --
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>> i've been held here for 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: a gaunted bearded robert levinson pleads for help. >> i'm not in very good health. i am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. i have been treated well. i need the help of the united states government to answer the requests of the group that has held me for 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: when i saw it i was very sad to see him looking the way he does. however, at the same time i was happy to learn that he was alive. christine levinson his wife of 37 years, mother of their seven children tells cnn the family received the video a year ago and finally decided to post it on their family website along with a new plea to release him. >> we need to know what you want our family to do so my father can come home safely. we will do everything we can within our power to bring him
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home. >> reporter: who sent it? who is holding him? kristin doesn't know. >> we've tried to get in touch with the group that is holding bob. unfortunately we have not received any response from them. and we feel that this is a way to try and reach them with our plea and the video to get them to let us know what the family needs to do to get bob home alive and quickly. >> reporter: 63-year-old robert levinson a former fbi agent turned private investigator disappeared in march 2007 from iran where it's believed he was investigating cigarette smuggling. for years there were almost no leads. iran's government claimed it was not holding him and did not know where he was. then last year the family received what secretary of state hillary clinton described as proof of life. in march cnn was told some
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discussions with iran were being held about levinson. >> we continue to welcome any hope that the iranian government can provide in determining mr. levinson's welfare and whereabouts. >> reporter: the state department say it's still in the dark. >> we're not in a position to confirm even where he is, and what we have said and the fbi have said, secretary said it in march is that we've received indications that he's being held captive in southwest asia. >> reporter: christine levinson tells cnn she believes her husband is still alive. iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad has said he's willing to try to help find levinson. and mrs. levinson hopes he follows through on that. but with u.s./iranian relations more strained than ever the prospects for that seem even more bleak. jill daugherty, cnn, the state department. did you wake up in time to see it? a total lunar eclipse with
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visible in certain u.s. cities this morning? that story is coming up next. winter officially begins on december 22nd, for those of you thinking about escaping the cold. treasure and leisure magazine named the best cities for winter travel. the top picks in a minute. the employee of the month is...
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winter. coming in third, phoenix, scottsdale, arizona. spend time golf, shopping, relaxing at the spa in the metro area. coming in at second, honolulu, hawaii. because of the weather, of course, obviously and great outdoor activities. always so pretty. and the surfing. claiming the top spot, san juan, puerto rico. stellar deals and a big dose of sunshine boosted to it the top spots. okay. so folks in some western u.s. cities got a chance to view the celestial wonder this morning. a total lunar eclipse. the moon passed through the earth's shadow about 6:00 a.m. pacific time. this is video of the eclipse in seattle. so they don't care about those other top three spots. they are in the best spot because they got to see the total lunar eclipse. how cool was that? >> very. you had to get up at 6:00 in the morning to actually able to see
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it. unfortunately those of us on the east coast kind of got chipped. we didn't get to see it. it was too light here to see it. course a total eclipse happens when you got the moon, the earth and then the sun. the earth is sandwiched in between and kachts that nice shadow. this is the second one, by the way in this calendar year. there was another one in june. nobody in north america got to site. this is cool. what makes this cool, because the timing of this, the moon was setting. the sun was rising. so the window was very small. about 51 minutes that people were actually able to see this thing. because of that you could actually see the moon and sun at the same time for a very brief period. you might be saying wait a minute if they are lined up how could that happen? it has to do with refraction. as the moon sent it appears larger in the sky. so this looked like a super lunar eclipse to people. >> oh, my goodness.
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what a treat. >> the picture we're seeing here. we have pictures from china and japan. they saw it better in eastern asia, australia, new zealand an then the west coast of the united states if you lived in portland, seattle, los angeles, phoenix, you know, skies were clear, things looked absolutely beautiful. you could see this in denver as well. just the east coast didn't get a shot. >> get a wonderful view. >> thanks to things like cnn and the internet. >> if you were at the wrong place you get to see it on videotape. sometimes that's the next best thing. >> it is sometimes. >> so, a new survey has found why most americans go online. do you think it's to meet a mr. or a miss? is it to shop? find clothes? the answer in a few minutes.
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so why do you think most americans go online. a new report find most americans surf the web for no particular reason at all. just something to do. 58% say they use the internet to simply pass the time or have fun. so with christmas just two weeks away, we continue our hi-tech gift guides for the holidays. this week we have stocking stuffer gadgets, all for under $50. joining us via skype our technology analyst and cindy indicated writer mark salsman. let's start with the ipod shuffle for $49. under the 50 mark. why that? >> yeah. so i like this mp-3 player for a couple of reasons.
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of course it synchronizeds smoothly with itunes. once you connect to it your pc or mac, anything you have in your library gets copied over like music and podcasts and audio books. it's intuitive to use. plus the main reason is that on the head phone jack that it comes with, there's a little button. when you press the button it will tell the name of the song you're listening to. it's a female like voice. kind of like siri which is in the new iran phone. i want will tell the name of the song, the artist. press and pause on the cord. you get a lot of bang for your buck under 50 bucks. this is a little money clip like attachment so you can put it on your clothes if you are fit, if you're active, you want to go hands-free. >> amazing. speak being of music, $20 speaker? it can stick to anything? how is the quality on that? >> yeah. it's decent. this is what it looks like. called the rocket 2.0.
12:25 pm
tiny little speaker. i'll put it up here. you attach one end to your mp-3 player or your smartphone or tablet. the other end a cap comes off and you can pull it a little bit and it actually sticks to any surface. i want uses vibration technology to have sound come out of your desk, out of a cereal box or in this case a cup. you won't hear anything right now because it's not connected to anything. but check this out. connected to a cup and you can actually hear music. >> mega phone. oh, my goodness. how clever. the hits keep coming. >> great stocking stuffer. 20 bucks and get that at bed, bath and beyond. called rocket 2.0. >> next up a webcam for high-definition video calling. >> right. so similar to what we're using right now for this live call between the u.s. and canada, the
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microsoft light cam 3,000. hd web camera capable of 720p video quality. so better video quality than probably your webcam has now including the one that may be built into your laptop already. it's a usb based webcam. plug it into an available usb port, your desk top, notebook and you're good to go. it has a sensitive microphone and also an ideal web camera for low light situations. kids in dorm rooms while they are stew dig they can chat with their friends late at night and can you have a multiperson conference call if you will over skype. so that one is 39.99 for the h d-3,000 life cam. >> for those who have not gone wireless at home yet you have something that's rather enticing. >> yeah. may not be the sexiest of gadgets but it's a wireless router. whether you don't have one yet or ready for an upgrade.
12:27 pm
this is from cisco. this is from linksys. you have wireless connectivity in your home. let's face it no shortage of devices that go on the internet wirelessly now from your tv to video game system, ebook reader and smartphone. even the nintendo 3-ds are wi-fi. this has the latest technology. so it can support more device at the same time and got faster speeds and broader range so you can even surf the web while you're outside on your back patio or front porch and that one is for 49.99 and that's linksys e 1,200. >> some ways to personalize your favorite gadgets. in what way. >> a company called gello skins. for $15 to $20 you have high
12:28 pm
skins to aff ix to your favorite device. this is far tablets and ebook readers pop give you some personality. speaking of tablet, i love this guy. this is called the iguy from speck. this is a kid-friendly -- isn't that cute. it stands up on its own but it's a foam case to protect your ipad and kids can watch video on i want because it stand up on its own two legs. it's 39.95 from speck. >> thanks so much for that. for more hi-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming and gadgets tab. you'll find lots of information there. >> child sexual abuse a devastating thing for victims and it's devastating important the families of the abuser as well. we have one woman's story in her own words.
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time to look at some top stories. a jury millirems the death penalty for a man killing a mother and her two daughters twak in 2007. he was found guilty in october of killing the petites and setting their house in connecticut on fire. william petite survived the brutal attack. he says quote we believe justice has been served. they gathered last night for
12:32 pm
a candlelight vigil at virginia tech, a campus police officer was shot and killed there thursday. state police, 22-year-old believe ross ashley killed himself. more than 4 1/2 years ago 33 people died in a mass shooting on that same campus. a new child sex abuse allegation involving a sports figure surfacing today. this time against the head of the amateur athletic union. two men tell espn that robert bobby dodd molested them back in the 1980s when they were playing on dodd's aau basketball team. police in memphis, tennessee have opened an investigation. one of the men says dodd drugged him and offered him $1,000 for oral sex. no comment from dodd who is battling colon cancer. the robert dodd investigation is on italy latest child sex allegation to hit the athletic world. it started with charges against
12:33 pm
former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. dottie sandusky said this week, his wife she continues to believe in the innocence of her husband. jerry sandusky has not been tried yet, but it's not unusual for abusers' families to remain in denial, even after the alleged abuser has been convicted. this next story may not be appropriate for all audience, cnn julie peterson spoke with one sexual predator's ex-wife. >> he was arrested for soliciting minors on the internet. >> reporter: jane's nightmare started eight years ago with a phone call from her husband from jail. he was arrested for meeting a young girl but instead of a young girl it was the fbi. we changed her name and hidden her face because she wants to
12:34 pm
protect her daughters. designee spent 18 months in a federal prison. and then six weeks in a halfway house after that. >> reporter: and you stuck with him, didn't you? >> i did. >> reporter: why? >> i was terrified of being alone. i had a 10-year-old child, and a 1-year-old at the time of his arrest. and no job. i was a stay-at-home mom. >> reporter: jane continued to hope her husband would be rehabilitated. >> there was a lot of shame that i didn't want to face. i stayed in that want place of denial that there was a possibility of anything else. >> reporter: how long did you stay in that place of denial? >> the whole 18 months he was in prison until about two months after he returned home and then i started to wake up. >> reporter: she left her husband and moved in with family. >> i never experienced such a low. i felt, i felt awful about
12:35 pm
myself. how could i have fallen with this. how i could have not seen it. >> reporter: psychologist julie runs a practice that treat offenders and written a book about protecting children from offenders. >> it's hard for women when their husband or boyfriend has been accused of sexual abuse. >> reporter: it's confusing for people to accept there's a secret area hidden for such a long time. >> child molesters can seem so normal in every other area of their lives except for this one area which is the problem. >> reporter: the marriage ended in divorce. jane says her ex-husband now out of prison still has excuses. >> didn't do it. no i'm not sexually attracted to children. >> reporter: as jane looks back. she missed red flags along the way. >> checking my e-mail and there's a pop up that comes up on his computer and so i looked
12:36 pm
in the history of the computer, and there were horrifically disgusting pornographic sites. i asked him about it and he blamed it on a friend who had been visiting. he was staying at work late, longer than normal trips out of town. >> reporter: why were those things happening? >> i thought he was having an affair. but apparently what was happening was he was online at the office. >> reporter: so is he still doing it now? >> don't know. it wouldn't surprise me. it terrifies me. not for me and my children any more but for anybody else that he could hurt. i believe that's a possibility. >>. >> reporter: at 42 jane is optimistic about her future. her advice. >> trust your instincts. those red flags pop for a reason. trust it. next hour a woman who was
12:37 pm
sexually busd by her stepfather tells her story. each state has its own statute of limitations for these kinds of crimes. we'll talk about why it is so hard in some cases to prosecute. in new england police swept through an occupy boston camp site early this morning. according to the "new york times" 46 people were arrested in what was mostly a peaceful eviction. boston's mayor says safety was the primary motivation for that action. what were the biggest apologies the year. josh has them. you're going help us look back at the year. there's so much content on so many levels. >> is that heck of a list. the apologies the year. there's entertainer, major business figures. in the end what was the number one mea culpa of 2011? i'll have it right after this.
12:38 pm
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. don't you love this time the year when you can look back at the whole year? kind of the big stories, the latest gaffes. how about the top ten apologies the year? it's a list like no other.
12:41 pm
comedians, top government figure and business tycoon and josh has been sorting through all it to help us remember the year. i can't believe it. it was so hard for me to try to remember some of the moments the year until you gave me a little -- >> we were chatting about it. i like these because it's a chance to stop and take stock. it makes us realize, when you see this list it makes you realize all these things that have happened in the past 12 months. so what we have is this list from "time" where they put together the top five apologies the year. at number five, this is the quote, "i didn't mean it from the bottom of my heart i aplow guys to everybody" and that was come didn't tracey morgan at that stand up performance where he said if my son was gay he would stab him. then he apologized again with the organization glaad. number four on the list top apologies more complicated. this takes to us japan.
12:42 pm
after the earthquake and the tsunami, in fukushima preeffect tur, triggered this nuclear crisis there. japan's minister of trade and industry called that a town of death. according to the "new york times" jokingly rubbed his sleeve against a reporter saying look out radiation as though it was okay to joke. he ended up resigning. he stepped down pap lot of people were upset the way he spoke. number three now. the number three apology can be sum summarized one word, netflix. this ceo posted this message i messed up, i owe everybody an explanation. netflix reversed their decision. number two was rupert murdoch after all the news surrounding his "news of the world" after his tabloid was involved in
12:43 pm
phone hacking messages. take a look. >> i'm the founders of the company. i was appalled to find out what happened. >> i apologize. i have nothing nor say. >> he said he apologized and nothing more to say. >> finally. according to "time" magazine the number one apology the year, i think if you are trying to guess at home you guessed it right. here it is, jobs. >> i apologize. i apologize to other members of the media that i misled. i apolo fwiz to my wife. >> congressman weiner after admitting he sent photos to various women online. i have more. feel free to weigh in. >> one heck of a year. that's just the list of apologies. >> some people are thinking about aplow guys that didn't
12:44 pm
happen. european leaders have come out with their latest plan to can taken the debt crisis. is it enough? we'll talk it over next. [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d
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for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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europe's debt crisis
12:47 pm
threatens the entire global economy. european union leaders created an intergovernmental treaty this week aimed at stabilizing the eurozone. will it be enough? christine romans breaks it down. >> many european leaders agreed to create a new governmental treaty this week in an effort to stabilize the eurozone. richa richard quest is there where the meetings took place in brussels. will this help solve the european debt cry circumstance richard? >> if you look at what they decided on the core question, christine, of the financial crisis as strengthening the bailout fund, lending money to the imf, doing those sorts of thing then they may have bought themselves some time. the general view here is it may not be the big bazooka of the ecb, the european central bank
12:48 pm
coming in to do things but it was the best they were able to get. the bigger, more serious and difficult question, of course, is the longer term reform of the euro. >> we've already established huge head wind to the united states. treasury secretary is there right now. not here. is there anything president obama and congress can do at home to better position the u.s. to deal with the potential short fallout from europe? >> there are three key thing they should be thinking about. first, it's very important that the u.s. gets behind the imf right now and shows that the imf can play an important role in sorting out the eurozone mess. that's tough for congress members to agree. but it's important. secondly it's very important that they re-open the discussion about fiscal stability and about measures to deal with american debt problems. otherwise you can guarantee that next year there's going to be a lot of discussion about already the u.s. is heading in the same direction as greece or something like that. thirdly, these issues to do with the payroll tax reform, the
12:49 pm
stimulus questions, if the u.s. economy is softening and the data in recent days have been mixed it's going to be very important that the folks in washington show that they can actually take the initiative and provide some type of reassurance at a time when so many consumers and businesses are feeling very scared.
12:50 pm
[♪...] >> announcer: now get a $250 airfare credit, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. certain restrictions apply.
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top stories are straight ahead, and we'll tell you twha these three women did to earn the nobel peace prize. holiday season, just a few weeks away. kind of under two weeks away. can you believe it. >> yeah, two weeks sfr tomorrow wib think, right? >> incredible. poem are really in the holiday spirit, no matter where you are around the globe. >> in that final stretch. >> yes. interesting viral videos. this one in particular that if you're not in the holiday spirit -- >> this will do it. >> i like it. >> it is. >> it is very entertaining, exciting and brings a tear to your eye. >> let's look. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:53 pm
>> that is so cute to have these british navy or the royal navy members, right? men and women. they are so exciting, they are headed their way back home for the holiday season. and a little homage to mariah carey too. she said this made her day. >> they were on the ship for seven months. they were only supposed to be on it for seven weeks. i want to say they are a little excited to come home. >> so cute. >> yeah, makes you happy. >> very creative. interesting little motif there. >> after seven months, that's true. >> thanks so much. >> have a little fun with that viral video. we are also counting down to the hours of this year's cnn's all-star tribute. that's finally, right around the corner. behind-the-scenes look at the big extravaganza for tomorrow. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?
12:54 pm
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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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we are just hours away from tomorrow night's cnn heros, an all-star tribute. the show honors those who go above and beyond to make the world a better place. a special preview show will be hosted and he joins us now from the shrine auditorium where they are putting the final special touches on before the final red carpet is rolled out, a.j. >> yeah, if you look over my shoulder, the trusses are going out, red carpet will go out. a gorgeous day in southern california. good vibes. we are so many celebrity showing up to honor our top ten honorees. of course, the real stars of the
12:58 pm
night are our top ten honorees. one guy who knows all about that, somebody who, anyone who paid attention or has been around cnn heros before, knows this man, knows your face, knows your story. the great dock henley, one of our honorees from 2009. we are excited you're here with us this year. >> i'm honored to be here. >> doc's program brought sustainable drinking water systems to close to 100,000 people around the world. in fact, doc, i my understanding is that by the end of the year you will hit the hundred thousand mark. >> yes. >> before cnn heros, you were in four countries to begin with. since cnn heroes you expanded to 12 with know slowing down. >> it has given us such a platform. we raise owed same amount of funning in months after cnn as years before that. we are hoping to double in size again this year, and it is all because of the heroes platform.
12:59 pm
it is phenomenon. >> people are moved to action just like you were. you will want to help out, people will want to volunteer with various organizations or perhaps even donate. right now, anybody can go to to donate even a dollar. $10. google is waving all of the fees and even $1 makes a difference doc is the first to tell you that. we will see the back stage pass tomorrow. tell me what you have seen and what you have spoken with. >> it has been a phenomenal day and crazy day. i just had an interview with and everything he says sounds like rythmic and really cool. it was just awesome to interview him and hear what he had to say. but so many kind words about the show itself and why he wants to be involved. just things like that. i'm like, why am i here? it's crazy. >> we will check out all of your back stage action. all day long tomorrow it'll be on the back stage action. 7 p.m. eastern,
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